Kitchen Vent Hoods in Grayslake, IL

At Custom Copper Hoods, we provide the best kitchen vent hoods for all of our clients in Grayslake, IL, and around the country. We offer both vented range hoods and ductless range hood designs. These two types of range hoods can provide an air filter solution for your kitchen and if you are unsure about which type works best for your needs, we can assist.

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Gold Range Hood


A vented (or ducted) range hood connects to an external ventilation system to remove odors, grease, and smoke from your kitchen. After collecting various airborne pathogens and irritants, these are then vented outside your home. This type of hood makes use of both a vent system and a fan to collect fumes and smoke from your kitchen when it is in use. This active removal of smoke and grease is why vented range hoods are so useful.

White Range Hood


A ductless range is a type of range hood that does not need an external ventilation system and related equipment such as a fan. A ductless range hood filters the air and cycles it back into your home. These range hoods don’t require a connection to a ductwork system and can be placed in many different areas of your kitchen.


When comparing these options, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Both ductless and vented range hoods assist in keeping the air in your home clean and can reduce the collection of grease in your kitchen. When comparing the two, consider your kitchen layout. A vented system requires connection to your home’s ductwork and this can limit where a vented hood can be installed. By comparison, a ductless system can be installed in more locations as it is a self-contained system. Also, ductless systems need filter inspections on a regular basis, roughly every six months. Finally, a vented system, due to its use of fans and ducts, completely removes smoke from your home, which can be a more thorough way of removal.

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